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5 Benefits of Car Detailing

The benefits of having your car detailed can be tremendous, but it all depends on the skill of your chosen detailer.

And the skill very much depends on the price.

There are number of factors to consider when choosing your detailer, that will greatly affect the outcome of your vehicle.

Of course anyone who has a passion for cars and wants to keep their vehicle in pristine condition should consider detailing, and how often you revisit this process will again depend on the service you have paid for.

So without further ado,

In this post you will learn the benefits of car detailing:

    A car detail, also known as an “auto detail”, depending where you are from, will fully restore your vehicles paintwork and protect it for time to come.

    In addition to restoring your paintwork detailing comes with the extra benefit of leaving your car with an incredible finish from every angle.

    If done correctly, your car will look stunning no matter the environment, direct sunlight? halogen lights? no problem, there won’t be a scratch in sight.

    Not everyone is looking to enhance their paintwork just to leave it sitting on the drive.

    You could be entering a show? planning to sell your vehicle? or maybe you resell vehicles for a living?

    In all honestly, it won’t make a difference on which you are planning to do, whether you are looking after your own pride and joy or planning to resell, the process will add considerable value to your vehicle.

    One of the key benefits of car detailing is to remove all the unwanted dirt and grime from your paintwork.

    At some point we have all taken our car to the local garage or a quick and cheap car wash down the road, and actually there’s nothing worse for paintwork.

    As with anything in this world, expert service comes with a hefty price tag, so when your asking your local to give you a full valet for £20, don’t expect a high quality service.

    The method usually involves rubbing your car with a dirty sponge, using poor techniques to wash your car and cheap products to finish.

    The problem with such a process means your car might look cleaner to the naked eye, but under scrutiny and the correct checks will show your paintwork is covered in light scratches, swirl marks, and water spots.

    Without taking the necessary precautions repeated trips to your local garage can seriously harm your paintwork.

    And the longer you leave it, the more chance you have to develop deep scratches and marks that are impossible to remove.

    When you purchase a new vehicle your paintwork will be covered in a clear coat, which is designed to protect your paint from the defects we have just discussed above.

    However, over time, this will slowly break down due to moisture and sun exposure.

    The prime suspect for this is people who leave their car out on their drive, or under sun in places such as car parks.

    The whole point of having your car detailed is to restore the condition of your paintwork and remove these defects, protecting your paintwork for years to come.

    This doesn’t mean you should take it back to your local valet just because your paint is protected, continue to look after your vehicle and you won’t need a detail for another 3+ years.

    Some detailers do insist you have your car detailed on a regular basis, whether they are using cheap products or pulling the wool over your eyes to make a quick sale, they’re wrong.

    With a high quality service you have no need to revisit your paintwork for a while.

    So you can ignore those detailers that tell you your car is only protected for 6 months, and start the search for a better detailer.

    Not to mention constantly detailing your car will only damage it in the long run, eventually destroying your paintwork.

    With high quality services and products you can expect your vehicle to be protected for 3 years plus.

    The second benefit to car detailing is that the process can add significant value to your vehicle.

    An expert detailer will remove almost every defect from your paintwork and leave your car in immaculate condition. They will make sure both your exterior and interior are ready for sale.

    At Black Country Detailing a small portion of our clients are planning to sell their cars, whether this is for business purposes or personal, we can seriously help you make a decent turn around on your sale.

    After all, which would you buy?

    Restoring your vehicles paintwork and adding that showroom shine to your motor will make sure your car stands out, especially if your selling commercially.

    A garage will offer you a much higher price if your vehicle is well looked after and in excellent condition.

    Throughout the lifetime of your vehicle it will come in contact with a plethora of continents.

    Whether that’s leaving your car in direct sunlight, sending it for a cheap wash, or simply driving it through dirty roads.

    Your car can come into contact with dirt, dust, and other debris that can affect your paintwork.

    The importance of having your car detailed is immensely beneficial for future protection, the defects will impact the aesthetic of your vehicle, leaving it with a rough, scratched finish in direct light, and the last thing you want to do is hide your pride and joy in the middle of summer.

    With a detail your paintwork will be covered in a generous coat of high quality wax and other products to protect it from these harmful contaminants.

    You can then enjoy parading your car around and trust us, expect a few compliments if the process is carried out correctly.

    Having the exterior of your vehicle in excellent condition is a lot less of a satisfying experience if it is let down by the dirty aroma and dust lingering inside your 4 doors.

    An interior detail will remove any embedded pet hair and liquid stains, which are the most common of interior problems.

    Protecting the inside of your vehicle is just as important as the exterior, you don’t want to me forking out expenses for new seating, mats, and other upholstery.

    The method of detailing your interior is also dependent on the type of upholstery your vehicle has. For example, leather seats will need a much different care and product to ensure it is properly cleaned and protected. The products will protect them from cracking and tearing in the future.

    As we mentioned with detailing your paintwork, it helps not only to make it appealing to the eye, but also with added protection, the same goes for the inside of your car. You want to make sure it is appealing visibly to match with the outside of your pristine paintwork, but also prevent future defects.

    Most car detailing packages include the addition of valeting the interior of your car, and when we say valet, we mean it in the truest form of the word.

    Don’t expect a quick hoover and dust down like your local, detailers will use high quality products to remove dirt, dust and other buildups from your seats, dashboard and all other areas of your interior.

    Nevermind all the above, we personally love to detail the interior of a car after correcting a vehicles paintwork to ensure the car is returned to it’s owner at an incredible standard, we take pride in finishing a complete vehicle.

    If you haven’t gathered by now, having your car detailed is a long, expensive and meticulous process, but with the right detailer, is worth every. single. penny.

    A detailer has access to all the right products, tools, and equipment for the job, so every aspect of the process is carried out with extreme car and skill.

    One of the main reasons for car detailing being so costly, is down to the fact that the process is carried out over a number of days rather than hours. This means every single angle, nook and cranny is seen to and there will be no part of your car left untouched.

    I know we here at Black Country Detailing will not return a car to its owner until every single defect that is possible to be removed, is removed, and not just visible to the naked eye but under our halogen lights.

    We may be speaking just for ourselves now, but with over 10 years experience in the detailing world, we are experts in resolving almost any defect.

    There are a number of key benefits to car detailing, most of which we have listed above. But it also comes down to the detailer you choose. The price of detailing can depend on the products used and time it takes to complete the process. The method of which will change depending on the state and size of your vehicle.

    But if really are serious about looking after your car, car detailing can be a tremendous solution. It will make sure your paintwork is protected, along with your interior, and leave your car in pristine condition, better in fact than the day it came out of the garage.

    So whether your selling your vehicle, displaying it, or keeping it on your drive, vehicle car should be your priority, and car detailing will do exactly that.

    Professional car detailer and ceramic coating installer. Owner of Black Country Detailing based in the West Midlands. Over 16 years experience detailing some of the rarest and most expensive cars in the world. Winner at Concourse D’Elegance 2018

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