Audi A3 paint correction - case study

Paint Correction Audi A3

This black Audi A3 had previously been wrapped and what lay beneath it was a spectacle to behold. The paintwork was absolutely covered head to toe with heavy swirl marks, loads of large surface scratches, scrape marks (from the wrap removal), wet sanding marks, fading, blemishing and unfinished new paint.

This really was going to be a test of my paint correction skills, but being a bit of an Audi major paint correction specialist, I knew in my mind what I could do with it if I had 6 long days to sort it out.

Who needs a respray when a professional detailer like myself can return your original battered paintwork back to absolutely pristine condition eh?

Once the correction was completed, the paintwork was then protected with a 5-year 10H ceramic coating along with the alloy wheels. This was then followed by an interior detail with protection for the leather seats, upholstery and carpets, along with all of the foot mats and boot carpet. The windows were also treated with a water repellant coating making visibility whilst driving in the rain so much better for the driver.

To complete the detail, the tyres were also dressed, the exhaust tips polished and the engine bay given a good degreasing/cleaning followed by dressings for all of the plastics beneath the lid.

Take a look at the included video to see what the paintwork was like when the car arrived for yourself. You won’t believe what you’re seeing! Then take a look at what the car looks like now that the paint correction has been carried out.


Seeing is believing….!

Major paint correction is a very specialised skill and takes on average 40-50 hours of rotary machine polishing to remove the defects from the paintwork. In the wrong hands or with inexperienced hands, it can and will go spectacularly wrong, so choose your detailer wisely.

Rest assured, I have corrected the paintwork of hundreds of cars ranging from Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Mclarens and Lamborghinis all the way to everyday cars such as BMWs, Audis, VWs and Jags, so your pride and joy will be in very safe hands indeed

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