Paint Correction Tesla Model 3

This week I have been extremely busy working on another Tesla Model 3 that was booked in for a full paint correction detail and a 5-year Williams ceramic coating for maximum paint protection.

The paintwork had quite a few imperfections that needed ironing out, along with swirl marks and a few little scratches on the rear end

However, after hours and hours of correction with my trusted rotary polisher, the finish is now flawless and sports a highly reflective, rich, deep gloss.

The interior was also detailed to match the exterior, with the leather seats and upholstery, along with the carpets all being protected too.

Take a look at the photos for yourself and see what you think!


paint correction tesla model 3 tesla model 3 paint correction front view tesla model 3 paint correction bonnet view tesla model 3 paint correction interior detail tesla model 3 paint correction back panel view tesla model 3 paint correction back wheel arch view tesla model 3 paint correction back break lights tesla model 3 paint correction back wheel bumper tesla model 3 paint correction high gloss finish reflection tesla model 3 paint correction wheel arches


We have also had the pleasure of working on more than one of these fantastic cars, which you can see below!

After a full week of meticulous paint correction, this stunning Tesla Model 3 is now looking simply superb!

When it arrived there were quite a few problem areas that were going to need addressing

There were wet sanding marks, swirl marks and even nibbing that had been left in the paintwork where the paint shop hadn’t finished it off properly. There was also a scratch running through the middle of the bonnet that needed gently removing.

The client had just had all the windows tinted and the chrome window edging had also been de-chromed with a satin black wrap along with the side indicators and badges. This meant I had to be extremely careful whilst working on this car.

After four days of machine paint correction with my trusted rotary polisher had taken place, the paintwork was then treated to a final polish and then finished off with a super final polish, which really made the gloss levels pop with a beautifully deep reflective shine.

Finally, the paintwork and alloys were both given maximum protection and coated with a Williams 10H Ceramic Plus coating and the interior was also detailed with the leather seats and door surrounds being protected with leather protection and the carpets with a fabric protector.

In all, this was quite a time-consuming detail but the end result really did speak volumes. See what you think of the finish.