Restoring Your Natural Gloss

Affordable Alternative

Not everyone can afford to spend several hundred pounds on their car's paintwork which is why we have introduced our single stage machine polish "Mopping" service. Our Single Stage machine polish service is for those with a much smaller budget and includes just the right amount of steps to give your car a much-needed clean. A single-stage polish will restore the natural gloss and shine in your paintwork, a standard of which that cannot be replicated by hand. The whole process takes a much shorter period to complete and should have your vehicle ready for pick up before you know it!

Optional Ceramic Coating

As an additional service in our single-stage machine polish, we give you the option to add a ceramic coating to your vehicle. This involves us applying a 10h ceramic that will protect your car’s paintwork for up to 5 years. As a single-stage machine polish is an affordable alternative to other detailing services, such as paint correction and paint enhancement, applying a ceramic coating doesn’t come standard with the service and will need to be requested separately.

Up to 5 years ceramic coating to protect against, and limit the number of scratches and swirl marks on your car.

Includes an interior valet to protect your leather & cloth against accidental spillages.

Concourse Winning Detailing
Ceramic Coating Protection
UP TO 5 Years
Accredited Experience
Lamborghini wheel arch
BMW interior car detailing


Experience working on the worlds finest cars

Working with a plethora of cars of all shapes, sizes, and engines. Black Country Detailing has had the pleasure of working with some stunning cars from across the UK. From one of a kind supercars to everyday vehicles tuned to performance. No car is too big, nor too small.

What's Included in your car polishing services

Firstly, your car will receive a snow foam wash to remove any dirt and contaminants from your vehicle’s paintwork. The short process is then followed by a single-stage machine polish that is designed to put the shine back into your paintwork in a way that could not be achieved by hand.

Once the above has been completed then a wax or paint sealant will be put over the paint to protect the paintwork with a new glossy finish. As always, the interior of your car will also be valeted to complete the one-day machine polish.

This is a much cheaper alternative to our other services, but please note that the process will not remove swirl marks, scratches or fading, etc. This service will be completed in one day.

Benefits of our car polishing services

Our car polishing services will help restore the natural gloss of your vehicle’s paintwork. The service will be carried out using our specialist machine polisher that will achieve a much higher-quality finish than what could have been achieved by hand.
Another benefit of our car polishing services is that they are an incredibly affordable alternative to other detailing services. Most detailing services are considered a luxury, and with the price tag involved, it’s understandable that it’s not something everyone can afford. Without a ceramic coating or paint sealant being applied to your vehicle, it’s likely that your paintwork will acquire various defects over time. Car polishing is a smaller budget service that can be carried out as part of your vehicle’s maintenance, rather than regular trips to your local car wash.


We pride ourselves on delivering a first-class car polishing service to every one of our clients. Each and every one of you, who chooses us to detail and protect your car will not be disappointed. The majority of clients book in with us after being recommended by someone else that has already used our services. Below you can read some of the recommendations and reviews that we have received on Facebook and Google Reviews.

Alan Webb
Alan Webb
This guy knows what he's doing when it comes to detailing cars. Absolutely perfect. Better than showroom. Just love the finish. The colours are gleaming. And to top it he's a brilliant guy to deal with. I can't stop looking at the car now
Lee Bonehill
Lee Bonehill
Would highly recommend Excellent service well pleased with the results
Martin Harris
Martin Harris
I’ve been lucky enough to buy a few new cars over the past few years and having previously experienced some iffy car presentation from various franchises I decided to look for someone that actually knew what they were doing and cared about the job that they do. I did my research and gave Rich a call at Black Country Detailing. He helped me understand what products were going to give the best results for my car, he was so knowledgeable and such a nice bloke, he didn’t try to upsell I actually trusted what he said. Interestingly he advised me to request dealer to not wash the car prior to delivery to avoid any damage to paintwork, lol. Great advice – the protection and finish Richard has put on the car is really impressive. It looks so much better than any new car I’ve had previously. Attention to detail and professionalism is second to none and Rich’s enthusiasm for his work really shows. Thank you for your hard work and making me such a proud owner. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Rich to one and all. Anyone looking for top quality detailing for their car ring Rich I promise you will not be disappointed.
john page
john page
Highly recommended ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Did an amazing job on my car. The finish on the car was better than when I picked it up from dealership. Will definitely be returning in the future.
Had Rich sort out my partners fiesta, been 10 years old it needed some love. The results were absolutely fantastic, I'd highly recommend his services, great price for the level of work..
Rich did my Audi S3 and the workmanship was outstanding. I was blown away. High recommend to anyone who wants the perfect job done!! Thanks Rich, really appreciate your hard work 😉👍🏼
Sukhwinder Dhaliwal
Sukhwinder Dhaliwal
Very expensive
Jonathan Stokes
Jonathan Stokes
Black country detailing! The best experience I have ever had. Took my new car as the dealership scratched the paintwork to hell! Rich knows his stuff and no wonder he has a major portfolio. Rich explained from start to finish what he was going to do and how he was going to do it. The results speak for themselves. Picked up the car today and it looks amazing! What a job Rich has done. It looks so good that I am so happy.
Lisa Wilkins
Lisa Wilkins
I contacted Rich at Black Country Detailing to provide a detailing and ceramic coat protection to my new Puma, wanting to provide the best protection and finish to my first ever brand new car. Rich was very friendly and approachable and advised me to request dealer to not wash the car prior to delivery to avoid any damage to paintwork. Great advice - the gloss, protection and finish Richard has put on the car is really impressive. It looks so much better than any new cars I saw at the dealership! Attention to detail and professionalism is second to none and Rich’s enthusiasm for his work really shows. Thank you for making me such a proud owner and your hard work - much appreciated and highly recommended to anyone looking for top quality detailing for their car.
audi rs3 car detailing result

How The Process Works

Why Choose Us

Concourse Winner

We have entered and won the Concours D'elegance; a detailing competition that is home to the rarest cars and most skilled detailers in the world.


We are not happy unless your car exceeds expectations. We often go above and beyond for our clients to ensure our work knows no competition.

16 Years Experience

With over 16 years working with a variety of vehicles and honing our detailing skills, we have developed our own unique set of techniques.

100% Satisfaction

With a large number of reviews and ratings across multiple platforms, Black Country Detailing is proud to maintain its 100% rating of satisfaction.


We love cars and everything about them. It's as simple as that. And every ounce of passion we have goes into making our client's cars perfect.

Mustang GT car detailing result side view
audi rs3 car detailing result


Car Polishing Services

£ 249
  • Full Decontamination
  • Snow Foam Wash
  • Single Stage Machine Polish
  • Interior Valet
  • Ceramic Coating (optional)
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